lolBlizz: WSG Changes

So…. Blizzard has decided to change Warsong Gulch.. after what, 5 years?  Here’s the quote from a blue…

“The days of graveyard camping in Warsong Gulch may be coming to an end soon, thanks to some new plans we have in store for the battleground in patch 4.1:

We are moving the graveyards to their own terrain level, preventing camping by members of the opposing team.

However, this will also serve another purpose; players will no longer be able to respawn and run straight back into their flag room. They will either have to drop down then run up the tunnel, or go around the top of the base. This adds around 20 seconds to the journey from the graveyard to the flag room.”

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Well, that’s interesting… i wasn’t aware that Graveyard camping was that big of an issue that it warranted geographical changes to the wsg landscape… so lets have a look shall we?

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Complaints: Rated Battlegrounds

So, all over the forums lately, people are wining and complaining about how you need ten people in a premade group to run a random battleground.  To that i say… well yea…  Seriously people, whats the issue here?  You also need ten people to run a raid… sure, that’s not always easy, it takes time, and effort, and patience with people, and sometimes a little coaxing.  And???

The common “fix” suggestion to this issue is let people queue for rated battlegrounds solo.  Tell me something, how would being able to queue solo be any different from the random battleground queue feature?  {Oh, you get epic loots instead of blues, ohhhhhhhhhhh, that changes EVERYTHING}  Right, seriously, if everyone could solo queue for a rated, why would anyone queue for regular battlegrounds anymore?

There’s no logical reason why blizz should allow people to solo-queue for rateds, really.  Give me one good reason, i dare you.  Explain to me how it wouldn’t make random bgs obsolete.  Now that having been said, i will side with them on one thing.  Getting ten people together sucks, hard.  It’s never easy, though it’s never been easy with raiding either.  One good arguement that the general community does have against bliz’s policy on joining the queue here is that the population of PVPers to PVEers (carebears :P) is out of wack.  Always has been, always will be.

With that, and the amount of community attention this “issue” is getting, i can see them changing the ten man req.  However, don’t expect them to let you solo queue.  If they do change it, i forsee them making it a 5 man queue. Two groups of five fits nicely into the dynamic, one group takes defense, one takes offense.  Though, they will get rolled over by a true 10 man premade, i don’t see there being a big issue here.  The “casuals” that are only finding 4 other friend’s / randoms to join queue with will still get their wins over other groups of 2/5 and their respective 10 man equivalents that can’t communicate worth a dam, and the true 10 man teams will get an ego boost when they see half the opposing team from two different servers. Smell that?  Smells like compromise.  What do you think?

  • Patch 4.0.6  Wednesday 3/09/11

Hello world!

Hello everyone.  In the wow community, i am known as Katarso.  After years of playing wow, and more years of being in the mmo community as a whole, i have finally decided to start adding my two cents.  So, here it is.  If this is well received, who knows what’s on the horizon.  Time will tell!