Sad that this had to end

But I’ve moved on to bigger and better things as so many of us have.  I now run a company called Kai Krates, essentially crates of dog toys and treats sent to your house once a month.  If anyone coming across this site wants to check it out I’ll kick you a good deal.  The website is If you get in touch with us through and mention Katarso I’m more than happy to get you a really good promo code for your pup.  It’s funny, back when I wrote this blog I thought wow would be a forever thing.  Turns out though there are much more important things in life.  Running a company that donates to charity, enhances peoples lives with their beloved pets, and getting more time with my family is all I could ever ask for.  No video game can ever replace the feelings I get from those things.  So, I miss you WoW, but I wouldn’t change a thing.  Kai Krates is making my life change like no other, and for that I am forever grateful.  Seriously, don’t be shy, kick us an email and mention Katarso, I’m more than happy to give you guys a good deal on


Update: My Status

So, interesting goings on in the life of Katarso…

Up until now i had a “job” where i showed up and screwed around on the inter-webs all day.  Pretty cool, i was able to look at wow stuff and write show notes for a podcast, and blah blah blah blog etc.  Well, that’s changing.  I am moving on to a new position, and will not have the access or availability as i once had.  So, bummer 😦  Next week i am taking a vacation with my wife, and after that i will be full time in my new position.  As a result, free time will be less, and i won’t be able to keep up with podcasting and blogging once a day.  So, i am going to re-gear my efforts to doing addon reviews.  They were the most well received posts i made to this point, so in the future, that is all i will post.  With Vranx having left the community, the only addon reviews we have anymore is wow insider, and those are scarce.  So stay tuned, i will be doing at least one review a week, but sadly, daily blogging just isn’t in the schedule i now have.

My Podcast is on iTunes!

I received an awesome email today, saying that my new podcast “WoW in 30” has been approved, and will be in itunes to find in the next few hours! Super excited for this.  If you are wondering, wow in 30 is a simple wow news podcast, covering the last weeks worth of wow news for those that don’t have the time to listen to the hour + conversational podcasts out there.  It’s not up quite yet, but it is hosted over at podomatic if you want to check it out that way.  Otherwise, you should be able to search “WoW in 30” or even “Katarso” in iTunes.  I had a lot of fun doing the podcast, so hopefully it isn’t too terrible, i welcome constructive criticism with open arms!

Hello world!

Hello everyone.  In the wow community, i am known as Katarso.  After years of playing wow, and more years of being in the mmo community as a whole, i have finally decided to start adding my two cents.  So, here it is.  If this is well received, who knows what’s on the horizon.  Time will tell!