Sad that this had to end

But I’ve moved on to bigger and better things as so many of us have.  I now run a company called Kai Krates, essentially crates of dog toys and treats sent to your house once a month.  If anyone coming across this site wants to check it out I’ll kick you a good deal.  The website is If you get in touch with us through and mention Katarso I’m more than happy to get you a really good promo code for your pup.  It’s funny, back when I wrote this blog I thought wow would be a forever thing.  Turns out though there are much more important things in life.  Running a company that donates to charity, enhances peoples lives with their beloved pets, and getting more time with my family is all I could ever ask for.  No video game can ever replace the feelings I get from those things.  So, I miss you WoW, but I wouldn’t change a thing.  Kai Krates is making my life change like no other, and for that I am forever grateful.  Seriously, don’t be shy, kick us an email and mention Katarso, I’m more than happy to give you guys a good deal on


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