Update: My Status

So, interesting goings on in the life of Katarso…

Up until now i had a “job” where i showed up and screwed around on the inter-webs all day.  Pretty cool, i was able to look at wow stuff and write show notes for a podcast, and blah blah blah blog etc.  Well, that’s changing.  I am moving on to a new position, and will not have the access or availability as i once had.  So, bummer 😦  Next week i am taking a vacation with my wife, and after that i will be full time in my new position.  As a result, free time will be less, and i won’t be able to keep up with podcasting and blogging once a day.  So, i am going to re-gear my efforts to doing addon reviews.  They were the most well received posts i made to this point, so in the future, that is all i will post.  With Vranx having left the community, the only addon reviews we have anymore is wow insider, and those are scarce.  So stay tuned, i will be doing at least one review a week, but sadly, daily blogging just isn’t in the schedule i now have.


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