Addon Armory: PassLoot

Funny side-note about my blog: Thus far, Addon posts are my most popular posts. Funny how that works, cuz they are my favorite feature of wow. Today i decided to take a look at Rift. Ten minutes later i found out you cannot have addons in Rift. That’s the end of letting my eyes wander!

So! PassLoot! What is it? It is a convenience addon, an addon to automate the mind numbingly monotonous task of loot rolling! PassLoot allows you to use a ruleset for loot when you are in groups so that it will automatically roll on items within your ruleset. Personally, i utilize PassLoot to auto-roll the greed or DE option on all Green loot all the time. Sure, i give up rolling need on greens that would actually be an upgrade during leveling, but really, leveling is trivial these days, so i can’t imagine i am loosing out on very much. Once I have obtained all of the blue items that are ever going to be an upgrade, i bump it up to auto roll greed or DE on all blues too, but that’s not happening so easily since the end of Wrath with heroics only dropping blues. This makes me sad panda 😦

More in depth review after the break!

As i mentioned, there is a ruleset, but don’t let that scare you, because the basic setup to always roll greed/DE for greens is very simple. Fear not, i understand when people do not want to turn addons into a new skill to learn as though it is coding a space rocket, and would not recommend an addon such as that. More in depth if/and this/that maybe/yes/no rulesets can be utilized, but are not necessary. For the simple and easy use, we only want to roll greed, or disenchant if it’s available, on all green drops. This way, they just end up in your bag without you having to click a thing when they drop in your groups. Doing so is simple. Install the addon, and it will appear as an option under your addons in the interface menu. Select it, and you will get a screen that looks simular to this…

From the left menu, scroll down and select “Quality” then hit add.  The quality line will appear at the top of the list above.  Click the new line at the top that you created and then check the boxes for Greed and DE.  What this will do is roll Disenchant when the option is available, or otherwise roll greed if there is no enchanter in your group.  Now in the bottom right box you should see the options for quality levels of loot. Here, click Uncommon, so now you have assigned the program to roll Greed or DE for all green (Uncommon) loot.  That’s it! Click ok, and go grab a group and test it out.

Anything that drops but does not fall within your auto-roll ruleset will simply be ignored by PassLoot and you can roll on it as you normally would.  There are certainly many more rules you can implement to this system, such as rolling need for recipes that you can roll need for.  The server only allows you to need if you have the profession and need the recipe, so you cannot accidentally ninja a recipe in this case. With a little toying around you can even roll need on only items that could be an upgrade for you, but that requires a bit of research and such beforehand.  So try it out and hopefully you will be as pleased with it as i am.  Greens become kind of an inconvenience when they start popping up in 3s or 4s because the mage wants to loot bodies while your in the middle of a chaotic add filled battle and 4 mobs are on your healer, so this turns out to be quite the nice to have addon for me.  If you are not one that uses your mouse typically, this could really help y0u out too.  PassLoot can be found on all the major addon sites, though i typically use Curse myself.  Enjoy!

Edit: If there are certain rulesets you would like to set up but need help on, please feel free to ask in the comments section.  If it becomes way too complicated, i may have to refer you to the original creator or his/her forums.


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