Community Gripe: Daily Heroics

A popular topic on the forums lately has been the concept of daily valor point heroic runs turning into weekly caps instead. So rather than have the opportunity to run a heroic once a day for 70 points, instead have the opportunity to run 7 heroics throughout the course of the week for a total of 490 valor points. Interesting, for sure. Well, looks like Blizzard may be doing just that… According to the following information was found on the latest version of the PTR:

Originally Posted by MMO-Champion

* LFD_RANDOM_REWARD_EXPLANATION1 = “The first seven random dungeons of this tier that you complete each week will earn you:”;

/Golf Clap for those guys… and their efforts in Data-Mining. So after the break we’ll take a look at how this can impact things, and why this made me go “ah ha! there is a bigger picture!”

So, as with any changes, there is cause for both excitement and concern. Let’s break it down…

To start with, this would certainly cater to the casual player base to a much greater degree than currently. No longer would you have to feel like just being able to log in for an hour or so to get a heroic would be worth finding the time. Now, if you skip a day, you wouldn’t be penalized. Awesome! For me, i can log in all day Saturday and grind out those Valor Points. In addition, this is certainly going to help the “casual” or “weekend only” player base gear up much more quickly. Now a weekend only player won’t be losing out on 5 days worth of VP. This will help the Jewelcrafter and Enchanter market of course, by putting that much more gear into the market that is worth of higher end gems and enchants. Yay profit!

Now of course, there are those out there that hate this idea for one reason or another. For example, there are those that fear this will crush queue times on days that aren’t Tuesday since Tanks would run their seven dungeons that night and not run another dungeon the rest of the week. I am not so sure about that. Valor Points are not the end all be all reason to run heroics. There are still those out there that get gear upgrades, but also, come 4.1 the new epic gear drops will be disenchantable, and everyone wants those crystals. For that reason alone i foresee queue times dropping. Enchants are important, particularly for a tank that want’s to be viable in the endgame. On top of that, WG had weekly quests and yeah, Tuesday’s were popular, but it wasn’t unplayable by Sunday. I don’t really remember how Monday’s were to be honest, but they couldn’t have been so abysmal that no one ran them or it would have been raised as a much bigger issue that got attention. Certainly, WG doesn’t directly translate to the dungeon finder, but it should give some indication of how our player-base operates.

And all of this leads me to my “ah ha!” moment. In case you didn’t get the memo, WoW has built it’s player-base off of the casual player. Everquest didn’t have 12.5 million players because it was/is a hardcore game. Certainly, a change like this is consistent with that business model. And as i was writing the paragraph about how a weekend only player would be getting geared up much quicker than normal, it struck me. They intentionally want that to happen. More quality gear across the player base, plus the hotfix nerfs to dungeons yesterday, plus better drops in ZA and ZG than other heroics, just screams they are trying to push the player-base (to include casuals) along through the current content in preparation for the release of 4.2. If you recall, they even stated in the last few weeks that they felt we did not spend enough time in Ulduar back in Wrath. It only makes sense that they make changes such as this to nudge us along rather than have the same regrets they did with Ulduar.

So good on ya casual players, once again Blizzard is throwing you a bone. Enjoy it, because it’s a tasty one!

Edit to add:  For those super concerned that Monday queue times will be drastic, remember, blizzard is not ignorant to reality.  If that were to be such an issue (say 3 hour dps queues), they have the option to add a daily Valor reward to Monday’s only, even if it is at a lower amount than the typical 70 points.  There are all kinds of things they can do to encourage dungeon runs, but that is certainly an option.

  • 4.0.6 Thursday, March 17th 2010

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