Attitude Adjustment: The PUG life

So, i like to run PUGs, for many reasons.  One of which being i am not in a huge guild, another being PUGs for the most part can accommodate to my playtime, or lack thereof.  If it comes down to it and life calls, i can drop a pug and not feel guilty, as they will get a replacement quite quickly.  So last night, the wife and I registered for the dungeon finder, and get a group.  Tank runs in with no cc, and after the first group is down, i am at 50% mana (i’m the healer).  So i say, um, don’t believe in cc?   He literally says no.  I am now a sad panda 😦

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This is consistent with how my Cataclysm experience has been as a healer.  It is also the reason i now have a hunter leveling up in all heirloom gear.  PUGs in the past have been a fun experience, a great way for me to see content, and an alternative to the old fashion “hope we have a tank online” grind.  I like running dungeons, and i don’t care who it’s with.  I don’t care about their gear level, or if the hunter has his tank pet out, or anything like that.  The way i see it, i pay my 15$ to play how i wish, and you pay your 15$ to play how you wish.  Who am i to tell you how to play, and vice versa, within reason of course.  Now, obviously, if a hunter has his turtle out on a guild raid, well that’s going to be an issue, but in a pug, i say, you do you friend.  But lately, it seems like the content is so much more unforgiving, that the sometimes bad attitude reflects upon the success of the group, and when everyone dies because of it, I as the healer feel stressed.

When the i see on my recount that the number one damage done to the DK dps is “no one”, sure, it’s his fault he’s dying, but who looks bad to the rest of the group because he’s constantly at 5%, me, or him?  And when you have a tank on top of that that refuses to use cc, the fact of the matter is i can only keep him alive for so long, so having that dk alive will help kill the mobs before they kill the tank, and inevitably kill me.  It seems as though the combination of what blizzard has done to dungeons plus dps that can’t get out of the fire plus pig headed tanks has created the perfect storm for me paying for repairs.  I have slowly grown to hate life as a healer, at least in PUGs.  Now certainly, i don’t have to run PUGs.  I can group with guildies, and sometimes i do.  however, i am not in a massive guild, and that isn’t always an option.  So my solution is to just roll a ranged class, (which as a healer i have noticed don’t take anywhere near as much enviornmental damage) and let other’s deal with the stress.  Heck, i can even feign death when all hell breaks lose 😀

Perhaps it’s just me, maybe i am a bad healer, and don’t know how to cope with these changes, idk.  And if so, then i am doing both the community and myself a favor now aren’t I.  Though, i did heal as a drood in LK, and i had so much fun, and definately wasn’t stressed like this.  So to the healing effort, i bid thee farewell, i shall keep my arrows pointy, and actually get to watch my wife’s fel flame be green, rather than her life bar.

  • Patch 4.0.6 Tuesday 3/15/11


  1. Nairu said,

    March 15, 2011 at 6:02 pm

    Hey and welcome to blogging! 😀

    At the topic of your post, well, I’m glad Blizzard increased the difficulty of heroics in Cataclysm, because the Wrath heroics, beautifully designed as they were, were just a bore from the first day on. Sure, I’m a guild person who doesn’t usually run PuGs. But I also often do instances with a couple of players I know and love, but who, as players, suck, so I know what the new difficulty means for playing with people who don’t really grasp the game. And still I enjoy wiping, not because I’m masochistic, but because I love to be challenged by the game.

    That said, you have every right to complain about a tank who refuses to utilize CC or wait for you to drink before he pulls. The healer, not the tank determines the pace of the group, because when you’re out of mana, you can’t heal. I’ve played all four healing classes myself, and I’ve developed a habit of letting tanks who don’t listen to my repeated pleas to ‘please don’t pull when I’m not in range or at low mana’ die cold-blooded. If that’s the only way they learn it, then so be it.

    But now, have fun playing your hunter, it’s an awesome class! ❤

    • March 15, 2011 at 6:28 pm

      I seem to have a much better time in pvp as a healer, because it’s all random ruckas and “typically” (i use that term loosely) people don’t get mad if they die, it’s a fact of life for pvp. I truely feel guilty and shamed though when someone dies in a dungeon, and i hate that since my only responsibility is to keep people alive. Thanks for the blogging welcome also, i have been having a great time blurting out my thoughts and rants, even if no one reads them lol. It’s pretty fun.

      Oh and yeah, the hunter thing is cool, i just wish it wasn’t so easy to accidentally pull, but the pets rock, i feel like i truly have an in game companion.

      • Nairu said,

        March 15, 2011 at 6:38 pm

        You’re welcome!
        A bit of advice about the accidental pulling:
        With patch 4.0 hunters got something that usually is a melee thing, and that we don’t really want to have. When we hit an ability key while not having a target, the closest mob available will be targetted and attacked. That just doesn’t make much sense for a class with that much range, and sadly you cannot turn it off. However you can write a macro for each shot that reads: /cast [target=target, exists] Shot Name
        Now if your target is already dead when you hit that button, it won’t target a new mob. It’s a bit of a pain in the ass, but it made my life as a hunter that much easier. 🙂

      • March 15, 2011 at 7:34 pm

        OHHH, i love macros, this will be another awesome addition to my tool belt. Thanks so much!

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