lolBlizz: WSG Changes

So…. Blizzard has decided to change Warsong Gulch.. after what, 5 years?  Here’s the quote from a blue…

“The days of graveyard camping in Warsong Gulch may be coming to an end soon, thanks to some new plans we have in store for the battleground in patch 4.1:

We are moving the graveyards to their own terrain level, preventing camping by members of the opposing team.

However, this will also serve another purpose; players will no longer be able to respawn and run straight back into their flag room. They will either have to drop down then run up the tunnel, or go around the top of the base. This adds around 20 seconds to the journey from the graveyard to the flag room.”

Source ->

Well, that’s interesting… i wasn’t aware that Graveyard camping was that big of an issue that it warranted geographical changes to the wsg landscape… so lets have a look shall we?

WSG Changes
Big thanks to Crusadeqt or Crusadelol (both names appear for his toon in the ss) for uploading the pic to imageshack.

Well now, that’s an interesting take on “fixing” gy camping.  lolBlizz, that’s clearly not being changed to stop graveyard camping at all.

What it does do is keep people from running back into the flag room for support.

What it does do is subject respawns to having a rogue drop ontop of them with a healer staying up top that can’t be touched (more graveyard camping).

What it does do is force the respawns to go in one direction, and potentially be surrounded by the opposing team, thus guaranteeing a gy camp.

And finally, what it does do is make me shake my head that the original intention of the blue was to spin this in a way that says “oh yeah we hear your complaints, and were listening.”  lolBlizz!

-A little bit of honesty goes a long way.

  • Patch 4.0.6  Thursday, 3/10/11

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