Sad that this had to end

But I’ve moved on to bigger and better things as so many of us have.  I now run a company called Kai Krates, essentially crates of dog toys and treats sent to your house once a month.  If anyone coming across this site wants to check it out I’ll kick you a good deal.  The website is If you get in touch with us through and mention Katarso I’m more than happy to get you a really good promo code for your pup.  It’s funny, back when I wrote this blog I thought wow would be a forever thing.  Turns out though there are much more important things in life.  Running a company that donates to charity, enhances peoples lives with their beloved pets, and getting more time with my family is all I could ever ask for.  No video game can ever replace the feelings I get from those things.  So, I miss you WoW, but I wouldn’t change a thing.  Kai Krates is making my life change like no other, and for that I am forever grateful.  Seriously, don’t be shy, kick us an email and mention Katarso, I’m more than happy to give you guys a good deal on


Update: My Status

So, interesting goings on in the life of Katarso…

Up until now i had a “job” where i showed up and screwed around on the inter-webs all day.  Pretty cool, i was able to look at wow stuff and write show notes for a podcast, and blah blah blah blog etc.  Well, that’s changing.  I am moving on to a new position, and will not have the access or availability as i once had.  So, bummer 😦  Next week i am taking a vacation with my wife, and after that i will be full time in my new position.  As a result, free time will be less, and i won’t be able to keep up with podcasting and blogging once a day.  So, i am going to re-gear my efforts to doing addon reviews.  They were the most well received posts i made to this point, so in the future, that is all i will post.  With Vranx having left the community, the only addon reviews we have anymore is wow insider, and those are scarce.  So stay tuned, i will be doing at least one review a week, but sadly, daily blogging just isn’t in the schedule i now have.

Addon Armory: PassLoot

Funny side-note about my blog: Thus far, Addon posts are my most popular posts. Funny how that works, cuz they are my favorite feature of wow. Today i decided to take a look at Rift. Ten minutes later i found out you cannot have addons in Rift. That’s the end of letting my eyes wander!

So! PassLoot! What is it? It is a convenience addon, an addon to automate the mind numbingly monotonous task of loot rolling! PassLoot allows you to use a ruleset for loot when you are in groups so that it will automatically roll on items within your ruleset. Personally, i utilize PassLoot to auto-roll the greed or DE option on all Green loot all the time. Sure, i give up rolling need on greens that would actually be an upgrade during leveling, but really, leveling is trivial these days, so i can’t imagine i am loosing out on very much. Once I have obtained all of the blue items that are ever going to be an upgrade, i bump it up to auto roll greed or DE on all blues too, but that’s not happening so easily since the end of Wrath with heroics only dropping blues. This makes me sad panda 😦

More in depth review after the break!

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Community Gripe: Daily Heroics

A popular topic on the forums lately has been the concept of daily valor point heroic runs turning into weekly caps instead. So rather than have the opportunity to run a heroic once a day for 70 points, instead have the opportunity to run 7 heroics throughout the course of the week for a total of 490 valor points. Interesting, for sure. Well, looks like Blizzard may be doing just that… According to the following information was found on the latest version of the PTR:

Originally Posted by MMO-Champion

* LFD_RANDOM_REWARD_EXPLANATION1 = “The first seven random dungeons of this tier that you complete each week will earn you:”;

/Golf Clap for those guys… and their efforts in Data-Mining. So after the break we’ll take a look at how this can impact things, and why this made me go “ah ha! there is a bigger picture!”

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My Podcast is on iTunes!

I received an awesome email today, saying that my new podcast “WoW in 30” has been approved, and will be in itunes to find in the next few hours! Super excited for this.  If you are wondering, wow in 30 is a simple wow news podcast, covering the last weeks worth of wow news for those that don’t have the time to listen to the hour + conversational podcasts out there.  It’s not up quite yet, but it is hosted over at podomatic if you want to check it out that way.  Otherwise, you should be able to search “WoW in 30” or even “Katarso” in iTunes.  I had a lot of fun doing the podcast, so hopefully it isn’t too terrible, i welcome constructive criticism with open arms!

What Blizzard was thinking: Resilience

Resilience can be a touchy subject. There are those that hate it, and those that welcome it with open arms. It is thee stat that separates random battleground rookies from the pros. It is what defines PVP gear. Yesterday, a change was announced that has many people thinking they may see light at the end of the tunnel… Here it is…

* Colossus Smash now ignores 50% of a hostile player’s armor (PvP), but continues to ignore 100% of a non-player character’s armor (PvE).

You see, players call for this very change often, they want Blizzard to make it so that spells/abilities that affect PVE have different effects in PVP. Certainly, the knee jerk reaction to this is that would be great because they can be balanced separately, something that would be a welcome change since very often there are pvp changes that affect pve and vice versa. So along with that argument, the theory is then they could remove resilience as well. This “solution” to balance was addressed in the most recent Dev Q&A.

More on this after the break.
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Attitude Adjustment: The PUG life

So, i like to run PUGs, for many reasons.  One of which being i am not in a huge guild, another being PUGs for the most part can accommodate to my playtime, or lack thereof.  If it comes down to it and life calls, i can drop a pug and not feel guilty, as they will get a replacement quite quickly.  So last night, the wife and I registered for the dungeon finder, and get a group.  Tank runs in with no cc, and after the first group is down, i am at 50% mana (i’m the healer).  So i say, um, don’t believe in cc?   He literally says no.  I am now a sad panda 😦

More of this article after the break.
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When You Wish Upon A Dev: Appearance Tab

There aren’t too many thing’s i am not happy with wow about.  Clearly, given it’s ginormous player base, there aren’t too many thing’s that most wow players aren’t happy about either.  However, someone once made a profound statement in saying “There’s always room for improvement” (believe it or not Google actually doesn’t know who said that… and here i thought Google knew everything)  So with that, if a genie (or Dev) were to grant me some “WoW wishes”  one of them would HAVE to be the appearance tab.  Why? you ask.  So that i can fight while looking like this of course…

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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lolBlizz: WSG Changes

So…. Blizzard has decided to change Warsong Gulch.. after what, 5 years?  Here’s the quote from a blue…

“The days of graveyard camping in Warsong Gulch may be coming to an end soon, thanks to some new plans we have in store for the battleground in patch 4.1:

We are moving the graveyards to their own terrain level, preventing camping by members of the opposing team.

However, this will also serve another purpose; players will no longer be able to respawn and run straight back into their flag room. They will either have to drop down then run up the tunnel, or go around the top of the base. This adds around 20 seconds to the journey from the graveyard to the flag room.”

Source ->

Well, that’s interesting… i wasn’t aware that Graveyard camping was that big of an issue that it warranted geographical changes to the wsg landscape… so lets have a look shall we?

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